La ville d’amour

La tour d’eiffel

Grandiose wealth

Vestiges, abject poverty

Fuse as living history

Composed, demure intensity

Intense intoxification

Careless sophistication

Like you know how

To live

And the sun drops across the Seine

Starry lights whisper

Au tout a l’heure

And I’ve never seen

A light this bright

Convinced this is what

Beauty is-


Karibu sana Zanzibar

Smile so genuine

Sun so hot it

Burns the tension

Sweeps it away winds carry spices

Submerged beneath the waves

Hakuna matatizo

Like you know how to live

And the sun sinks between the Indian isles

Whisper safari njema

And I’ve never seen

A blue this blue

Must be what

Beauty is-




Murakaza Neza

To the land of 1,000 hills

Dust and mud mark the

Passage of time

On roads so quickly changing

Heart strong forever climbing

Komera, komera

Like you know how

To live

And the sun sinks, the mist settles

Chilling Virunga peaks

And you whisper


And I’ve never seen

A green this green

I know it’s what

Beauty is-


How many worlds can

One soul hold

Expanding horizons as

Questions unfold

No longer knowing what

Faith feels like

No longer seeing what

Love looks like

No longer certain where

Home is


Pour out all of myself

Put it all back in

Challenged, wearied, rearranged

Only give to give


Only feel to feel


Only care if I can


Each world depositing

A part of myself

Horcruxes of individuality

But in exodus I gain

In deconstruction

I redefine

What beauty is-


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